Privacy Policy

TradeTax international Tax & Accounting (hereinafter,"The Firm")promote protection of the personal information determining the following privacy policy, and building structure of the personal information protection, and enforcing recognition and an action of the importance of the personal information protection on all employees.

Management of Personal Information

The Firm takes measures to control access to personal information, limitation to use the private information, prevention of illegal access from the outside, a leak or loss of other personal information, prevention of the loss, security management of other kind of personal information.

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

The Firm uses the personal information. It is quoted insending E-mail and the document as an answer to the questions from a visitor or communication to him or her.

Prohibition of disclosure and offer to a third party of the personal information

The Firm manages the personal information appropriately and does not disclose personal information to a third party unless it corresponds to any of the following.

  • When there is the agreement of a customer
  • When the Firm disclose it to our vendor whom we entrust so the Firm realize what a customer would like to get.
  • When it is necessary to disclose it in accordance with laws and ordinances



Security measures of the personal information

The Firm takes best measures to protect security and accuracy of personal information.

Inquiry from the person

In the case when a customer would like to ask a revision, deletion of the personal information, the Firm can support it after ID is confirmed as it is.

Compliance, observance and review of the model

The Firm complies with Japanese laws and ordinances which are applied to personal information.The Firm reviews other kind of models and content tries to improve them appropriately.


Please ask about the handling of our personal information at the following.

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Personal Information Protection Administrator : Atsushi Shibata
Privacy administrator : Etsuko Kawasaki